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Secretarial Office

Dr.Li Chang,Secretary General

Responsibilities of Secretarial Office include the followings:

  1. To manage all internal and external correspondence on behalf of the University and the President, and to organize incoming and outgoing official documents.
  2. In charge of secretarial affairs for the President, the communication and coordination on matters concerning multiple administrative offices.
  3. To oversight bidding, compare/negotiate price, case decision and inspection for procurement cases.
  4. To call and manage the university affair meeting.
  5. To call and arrange the meetings of university academy, administration, and funds.
  6. Preparation of the agendas for all University-level meetings and maintenance of all records
  7. To oversight and evaluate university administrative duties handed over by their superiors.
  8. To conduct‘the President Teatime’regularly.
  9. Manage the assignments from the University President.