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Personnel Office

Chan-Chieh Tseng,Director Of Personnel

Responsibilities of Personnel Office include the followings:

  1. Hiring of new faculty members.
  2. Continued employment, salary, promotion of faculty members.
  3. Staff member selection, employment, discharge, transfer, salary.
  4. Personnel office regulations and organization list.
  5. Editing and issuance of staff and faculty member directory.
  6. Issuing employment and service certificates.
  7. Employment of various committees.
  8. Management of personnel databases and statistics.
  9. General staff employment.
  10. Collective employment (including the University and outside institutions).
  11. Discussion of the faculty examination committee regulations.
  12. Faculty/staff member rewards and punishment.
  13. Faculty/staff member pleas and petitions.
  14. Selection of outstanding administrative staff.
  15. Selection of outstanding faculty members.
  16. Civil service insurance.
  17. National health insurance(including family and retired members).
  18. Various subsidies, including those for marriage, birth, funerals, and children's education.
  19. Salary.
  20. Retirement.
  21. Discharge.
  22. Service extension.
  23. Personnel Office website maintenance