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Accounting Office

Shu-Huang Ni,Director Of Accounting

Responsibilities of Accounting Office include the followings :

  1. Manages, receives and distributes funds from the annual budget.
  2. Manages assigned research projects.
  3. Manages and distributes annual budgets.
  4. Issues vouchers for revenues and expenditures of the University Fund.
  5. Officially documents the revenues and expenditures of the University Fund, custody fees, students’suspensions or withdrawals, deductions of tuitions and other revenues.
  6. Keeps accounting records, monthly and annual fiscal reports.
  7. Prints, keeps and voids receipts.
  8. Manages funds in savings accounts.
  9. Oversees Cashier and Accounting.
  10. Manages files and maintains all invoices.
  11. Coordinates response to audits from the Executive Yuan, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education.
  12. Checks property accounts.
  13. Controls the utilization of the annual University Fund and oversees expenditure invoices in accordance with elevant laws and internal examination procedures.