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Division of Library and Information Affairs

Dr.Yung-Lin Liu,Dean of Division of Library and Information Affairs

The Division of Library and Information Affairs encompasses three sections: the Library, the System and Network Section, and the Information Management Section. The Library, with bountiful collections of books, periodicals and CD-ROM or online Databases, has an unbroken history of offering services for academic research and teaching resources. In addition, the Library offers automated circulation; reference services; reserved book services; inter-library loan services; audio-visual lab services; library orientation services, etc. It also provides a variety of demo equipments, small conference rooms, large modern multimedia conference centers, and research and activity rooms for group studies and seminars. The Information Center supports basic teaching and research needs for all kinds of computer technologies and applications. Also, in addition, handling the computerization of campus administration and developing a good network environment are the aims of the Center. The students, being provided with advanced computer resources and technologies, are so well trained as to pass related professional examinations and obtain licenses.