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Chihlee has been voted as the most entrepreneurs' favorites private university of technology for 4 consecuti...
Intensive one-on-one English class, social work in an orphanage, lazing on a white-sanded beach and whale-watching, all ...

Welcoming the Philippine Chamber of Industry and Commerce to negotiate potential collaborative programs, featuring indus...

Every semester, we hold a meeting to discuss the matters of studies, living, and cultural adaptation in general, of ou...
The Magazine Business Association of Taipei and 1111 Job Bank have awarded Chihlee University of Technology first place...

Sister school of 50 schools in Aisa ,

Europe and America enabling our students to

advance academic qualifications in a global education network.


Obtain the scholarships for excellent students to study abroad ,

sponsored by the Ministry of Education Taiwan for 8 consecutive years.

In 2013, Chihlee achieved the highest subsidy, whitch is the same as

National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University.

Obtain the Teaching Excellence Project of Ministry of Education Taiwan for 9 consecutive years.

2006.12.28   Passed in the 2nd Administration Meeting for Academic Year 2006
                      Semester 1
2012.03.08    Amended in the 5th Administration Meeting for Academic Year 2011
2013.01.03    Amended in the 4th Administration Meeting for Academic Year 2012

Chihlee overseas student scholarship , including tuition ,

miscellaneous fees, dormitory accommodation fee and living allowance.

Scholarship from relevant ministry 


NT$ 9,500 ~ 14,500 per semester.


Graduate school , NT$ 46,210 per semester.


Undergraduate , NT$ 45,910 per semester.