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Department of Information Management

Department of Information Management



1.Goals and Aims

The department aims to develop holistic and globalized professionals in the information management industry. The department focuses on equipping students with the 4Ls (Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Cooperate, Learning to Be) and the 3Es (Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Excellence). The Department aims to educate students to be ethical and practical, and technologically and culturally literate. The department hopes to equip students with basic language skills, math and statistical calculation abilities, and basic scientific knowledge, to provide them with the ability to integrate information whilst putting these skills into use. Students will also be taught to identify, analyze and solve problems in the areas of enterprise systems development, information management, electronic commerce, information & technology, and information security.Students will be taught that learning is a lifelong process and that it is necessary to uphold work ethics and socialresponsibilities.


2. Distinguishing Features

The department provides general and basic skills courses, basic required courses, and basic elective courses.Inaccordance to current industrial development and students’ interests, the following three programs were developed:

  • Information Integration Technology Program: Database System, Information Networks, Information System Application.
  • Business Operational Systems Program: All Operational Information Systems used in businesses.
  • Information Security Management and Application Program: Courses related to information security management.


Provide ITE, SCJP, CCNA, ISO27001 LA, ERP planner certificate courses and seminars on industries and accomplish project goals.


Degree Offered , Career Prospects and Contact Information

3.Degree Offered


4. Career Prospects

  • Work in areas of financial management (system analyzer, program designer, system engineer, information security professional, database manager, network engineer & etc.)
  • Apply for graduate schools in domestic or foreign universities.


5.Course Plan

The Department of Information Management provides the following three programs:

  • Intelligent Experience Service Program: Required courses: Computer Programming (1)(2), Database
    Management System (1)(2), Object Oriented Programming(1)(2), Data Structures, System Analysis and
    Design. Elective courses: Dynamic Web Design Starter, Application Development for Mobile Devices,
    Web Programming, Human-Computer Interaction, 3D Interactive Programming, RF Technology and
    Application, Information Technology Certification Practice,Data Warehousing and Mining.
  • Electronic Commerce Program: Required courses: Management, Accounting, Economics, Statistics,
    Applied Statistics, Information Mathematics (1)(2). Elective courses: E-commerce, Multimedia
    Introduction, Marketing Management, Website Design and Management, Cloud Computing Technology,
    Enterprise Resource Planning, Internet Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Cloud Computing
    Management, Business Communication, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Marketing Practices, Internet Marketing Big Data Applications Practice, Third Party Payment,
    Internet Banking, Customer Relationship Management, Agricultural Marketing Boutique.
  • Information Security Program: Required courses: Introduction to Computer Science, Information Security
    Certification Practice, Introduction to the Internet, Network Management. Elective courses: Linux Operating
    System and Application, Operation System Essentials, Introduction to Information Security, System Security,
    Information Security Certification Practice, Network Management Practices Certification, Information Security
    Management, Mobile Commerce Security, E-Commerce Security, Cryptography.


6.Honor Roll

  Date Sponsor Description
1 22 August 2014 Cisco Networking Academy TW、Taipei City Vocational Development institute The 10th National Hua Tuo Cup - Internet Skill Problem-Solving Competition (one team achieved quality award and another team achieved stunning performance)
2 1 November 2014 National Taiwan University 2014 National College Computer Software Design Competition (one team achieved stunning performance on Application Software Design)
3 8 November 2014 Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs、The Department of Information and Technology Education, Ministry of Education、CSIM The 19th National College Information Application and Creative Service Competition (one team achieved the third place on Industry-Academy Cooperation )
4 15 December 2014 National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology 2014 National College Internet of Things and Mobile APP Integration and Creative Application Competition (one team achieved stunning performance on Creative APP Planning)
5 15 December 2014

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

2014 National College Internet of Things and Mobile APP Integration and Creative Application Competition (one team achieved the silver medal award on Creative APP Planning)


7. Contact Information

Address: Library Building 5F, 313, Sec. 1, Wunhua Rd., Banciao Dist., New Taipei City 22050, Taiwan

Website :

Email :

TEL : 886+2+2257-6167 ext 1313, 1314
Fax : 886+2+ 8253-6482