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Department of Commerce Technology and Management

Department of Commerce Technology and Management


About CTM

(1) Multiple cross-field training


The CTM Department emphasizes the innovation and learning across different fields. In addition to the integration of curriculums in the fields of information system, technology and innovation management, the facilities including IThardware and software and cultural creativity, such as 3D printers, high-speed cameras, and sport cameras. The CTM Department also encourages students to participate in scientific technology volunteer and service learning community.Helps students to obtain the training across in different fields and enable students to achieve the potential of future marketing storytellers, co-projec t managers, the designers of user experience, and the solution of patents architects andengineers.


(2) Explicit career direction


In addition, the Department is focusing in two training positions including scientific technology-based marketing and communication technology market, followed by the learning from curriculums and instructors. And expect students stabilize in one training field in order to extent students learning to different field.


(3) Stabilize core values


Iin the very beginning, the CTM Department established and still convinced the core values of ENii, on behalf of the Executive capability (E), Negotiation capability (N), innovation (i), and integrating (i). Many courses emphasize the Executive, Negotiation and Innovation, and bring up students the (Integration) capabilities in all tram works and contests.



  1. Established a Business Automation Center in 2002
    Established the Department of Commerce Automation and Management in 2003.
    Renamed the Department of Commerce Technology and Management in 2009.
  2. Provide the professional integration of technology services marketing. Currently focus on the innovation of technology and value assistance services.


  1. Students learning variety
  2. Instructors across different fields.
  3. Dual curriculum systems Scientific technology and innovation services
  4. Teaching Progress: Instructor and student apprenticeship 3D printer, high-speed cameras , IRS interactive teaching systems , scientific technology ttudies , the competition of social innovation , innovative teaching methods

(flipped classrooms , world cafe , designthinking, instructors short speeches) 


Core Value

  1. Found CTM Department insistence in 2007.
  2. ENii: Executive, Negotiation), innovation, and integration

Prospects: Foster students with progressive knowledge

  1. Capability and ethics: Students possess the professional capabilities and moralities. 
  2. State-of-the-art thinking: create some positive changes to the world

Development principles:Innovation, Cross-Field,Implementing, Holistic

  1. Innovation: Innovation learning program, innovation managementmodules.
  2. The orientation of cross-filed and implementation and the oriented teaching of problem-solving: Encourage practical productivity, such as licenses. And encourage problem solving, such as contests, project,internships, and the guidance of interdisciplinary careers. : To assist students possess an innovation capability of the filed of IT ormarketing.
  3. The foster of potential: To develop the cross-filed and holistictraining with career potential through the innovation.


Educational prospects

Students possess the professional capabilities and moralities and state-of-the-art thinking.


Major events of the last decade

2003, the department was established the Department of Commerce Automation and Management, day division students enrollment only.

2004, Accepted night school students

2007, Department evaluation was A by the Ministry of Education.

2009, Renamed to the Department of Commerce Technology and Management, increased one class in day division.

2011, Department evaluation was A by the Ministry of Education.

2012, Application for cross-field program was approved by the Ministry of Education two consecutive years.

2013,Passed the self-evaluation in the school.

2014, Submitted the proposal to coordinate the school renaming to University.



The Department is located in Library Building on the 3rd floor. Office is on the right hand side after exitingfrom the elevator.


Contact Information

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TEL : 886+2+2257-6167 ext 1366
Fax : 886+2+ 2252-1777