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Department of Multimedia Design

Department of Multimedia Design


Department of Multimedia Design has been established since 2003, set up for the purpose of nurturing

creative design and information technology have the ability to integrate multimedia design talent. In

response to the current economic aesthetics, talent demand creative economy, the department will

"digital video" and "interactive media" as the current development of the two spindle. We are

committed to creating a creative and innovative, lively and fun, fun learning, caring and proactive

quality environment. Via a rich and diverse curriculum design, improve the professional course of study,

and in "Teaching Excellence" quality assurance, students are expected to learn, "multimedia expertise",

"Multiple application integration", "make good use of equipment" and "Aesthetics economic marketing"

and "workplace ethics' capabilities to cope with the arrival of a new era. In order to enhance students

'practical ability, currently active with industry conduct industry-university cooperation, combined with

students' graduation project, internships and contestsin school, so students certificates, results of

competitions and teachers of industry cooperation, etc., are phenomenal progress.



The Department aims to help students develop skills in the area of multimedia design and application.

Thedepartment’s courses include the principles of political, regional, and industrial factors; design

sketch, visualcommunication design, multimedia technology, multimedia marketing and management.

These programs willfocus on innovation and culture to ensure that products are designed in line

with human needs.

The Department will focus on Digital Videos and Digital Learning to integrate courses such as

multimedia marketing, design management, basic drawing skills, computer animation, multimedia

technology, and display design. Studentswill have to complete a graduation project which will allow

them to develop independent thinking, analytical and judgmental skills, problem-solving skills,

integrating and negotiating skills, and teamwork spirit.

Furthermore, the institute will also offer a variety of foreign language elective courses to help

students to improve their language abilities. Students will also need to meet an English graduation

requirement because language and communicationskills have become increasingly important in the

technology industry.

The main goal of the Department is to shape the development of our students to become professionals

within the culturaland creative industries.



  1. Provide students with practical foundation courses, while encouraging them to participate in intra and inter school competitions. Students are encouraged to work on industrial research projects with the Department’s instructors as well as to assist with inter-departmental projects.
  2. Train students in the areas of managing and marketing multimedia products. Conduct annual exhibition to showcase our students’ achievements and competence in Multimedia Design.
  3. Establish a creative and innovative learning environment. Cultivate a team of innovative and highly competent professionals.


Course planning

Integration of quality programs of specific measures for the creation of the department: school

practicum, license competitioncombined with courses, workshops making classes, and for a

service-learning and the students practice teaching related activities.

For example: the media hold gold awards, eight classes exhibition, school teaching, industry

experts and team teaching licensecoaching course, help to achieve the educational goals

of the department.

The department offers "e-learning" and "digital audio" two module courses, students choose

one to follow interest, as agraduation threshold indicators.To strengthen the practice of teaching,

the department hired industry experts team teaching, threeyears to open 13 courses, teachers

are also involved course, in addition to increasing the students' practical knowledge, practical

knowledge of the faculty is also relatively improved.

Noble character, workplace ethics and dedication pragmatic attitude for the industry attention,

the department set up "designmanagement and design ethics" labor education and service-learning

courses related school characteristics and performance, receivingthe present system of cooperation

industry highly appreciated and recognized .

Curriculum Development has set school career core competencies, as well as the Department of

basic skills and professionalcompetence, and in accordance with the required ability to design courses,

course map set, license maps and career map, integratedin student learning portfolio (e-Portfolio),

and combined employment of job and professional analysis of the capability index certificates,and help

students learn and employment development.


Photos of Special Achievements Accomplished in Recent Years


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