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Department of Applied English

Department of Applied English



Chihlee Institute of Technology (CIT) was originally founded as Chih Lee College of Business (CLCB) in 1964.

Initially, CLCB had four academic departments: International Trade, Business Administration, Accounting and

Statistics, and Banking and Insurance. The Department of Secretarial Science was subsequently added in 1967,

and the department was changed to Department of Applied English in 1999. Our objective is to equip students

with a good command of English and commercial knowledge to meet the current demands for English-speaking

professionals.The Department of Applied English currently offers two levels of day class programs: Four-Year

Bachelor’s Degree program and a Five-Year Associate Degree program. We also offer Four-Year Bachelor’s

Degree program of evening program.



The following goals are set in accordance with the Department’s special features, the job market’s trends, and the

nation and society’s future development requirements:

  1. Improve English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Nurture global views and interdisciplinary expertise and cultivate professional talents with proficient English ability for profession skills.
  2. Foster work ethic, teamwork, expression and communication skills, basic computer abilities, problem-identifying and solving skills, and other sustainable competitive strengths. 


Distinguishing Features

  1. Combine theories with practicality and apply professional knowledge to real world industries.
  2. Extend contracts to instructors with doctorates in the English language and full-time foreign (native English-speaking) instructors with a minimum of a master’s degree.
  3. Promote English Language Use. English instructors (both native and foreign) shall hold casual/interesting English events or festive activities during lunchtime from Mondays through Fridays. The purpose is to create an English learning environment with a specific theme each time for students to practice their English and strengthen their language skills and improve their job prospects.
  4. Adopt small-class teaching for first year English students, English conversation classes, and English writing classes.
  5. Provide elective courses that offer internship programs for second, third, and fourth year students to get early workplace experience.


Course Type

  1. General Education Courses:

    These are courses outside of the Department’s core courses, but which a student must complete in order to

    obtain a degree. These courses consist of Freshman Chinese, Freshmen English, and other types of courses

    that help to expand students' perspectives and improve their skills in analytical and critical thinking.

  2. Core Courses:

In the Department of Applied English, the curricula consist of three categories: Computer Information

Systems, Commerce,and Languages.

  • Required Courses:

    These courses consist of English reading, writing, speaking and listening skill training. They are designed

    to help students build a solid foundation in their studies and achieve proficiency step by step.

  • Elective Courses:

    These courses consist of additional languages (Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Vietnamese…etc.),

    and other advancedEnglish training courses. To integrate theory and practice, we offer business courses to

    incorporate language skills withcommercial knowledge.


Career Prospects

  1. Advanced Study: Graduates may gain entry into domestic or overseas graduate programs in the fields of literature,linguistics, TESOL, journalism and tourism. They may change their majors to humanities, business and social science in their advanced studies.
  2. Career Options: Graduates are likely to gain employment in government agencies, such as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs,Economic Affairs and Education, as well as the Government Information Office, or the Tourism Bureau. They may work inposition in trading companies, as flight attendants, reporters for mass media, translators or interpreters in private enterprises,bilingual specialists in communications, trade and economic affairs, or international affairs. They may also serve as Englishteachers in junior high and elementary schools.


Students are required to gain practical experience through Internships. We provide internship opportunities in

various business fields for them to achieve their goals. 


Graduation thresholds

In order to foster their best academic results, students are required to obtain both “Information Technology”

and “English Proficiency” certificates before their graduation.


Important Awards

2014 Academic Year

2014 Exco 國際院校會展城市行銷競賽 1st Prize

AIT 2014 English Business Writing Award

AIT College English PowerPoint Presentation and High School English Speech Contest 1st Prize

2014 Wen Zao Cup National English Speech Contest for High School Students 3st Prize


Special Programs and Activities

  1. English Lunchtime Program

    Our “English Lunchtime Program” was launched in year 1999. It is conducted by foreign Native

    English-speaking teacherson campus, providing various activities during lunchtime breaks throughout the 

    school year. Students can join the activities freely,and gain knowledge about foreign cultures, international

    festivals, and gain practical English skills though this program.

  2. Summer English Study-tour

    We provide a three-week English Study tour to students during the summer break. It broadens their global

    perspectives and enhances their English skills. 

  3. Studying Abroad Program

    Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to explore another culture in the safest possible environment.

    The rewards tostudents are life-long. We provide this outstanding opportunity plus scholarships to students

    who areeligible and willing to reach out and explore the world.


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