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Department of Applied Japanese

Department of Applied Japanese



In response to the social and industrial development needs of Applied Japanese professionals, the Department of Applied Japanese was established in 2003 . Distinct from traditional Japanese departments, our department isaimed at equipping students not only with a good command of Japanese skills but also the knowledge of finance and business. The department provides professional Japanese lessons based on five skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating.



The department aims to equip our students with language skills, professional knowledge and service ethics. Thus we require students to have strong language capabilities, while also require students to have professionalcapability other than Japanese professions. Besides to enhance students' employability and competitiveness, our Department support students with intensive tutoring to achieve "Japanese Language Proficiency test", English Proficiency Test (GEPT, etc.), and other professional licenses (such as Japanese tour leader license, etc.).In addition, to help students understand and experience the workplace, the job placement counseling seminars (career series) and Campus-off Practice are well arranged. Last, we expect students to apply an Japanese related jobs immediately, and to become the backbone of the company they serve.



  1. Establish cultural exchange programs with sister universities in Japan. Select 10-20 students per year to study short-term in Japan, and 2-8 students each year to study one semester in Japan.
  2. Offer cross-departmental and interdisciplinary professional and practical courses/programs. Currently programs offered include Japanese Commerce Practicum Credit Program,” and “Japanese Tour Planning and Service Credit Program.” Each department offers more than 20 professional credit programs for students to choose based on their interests.
  3. Providing lectures and seminars on job placements and other work related subjects. A whole semesterof internship program is offered to fourth year students to enable them to experience and learn on the job.
  4. A level two qualification in the Japanese proficiency test must be obtained upon graduation. For our students to achieve a high level of Japanese proficiency, our department provides Japanese training courses in small classes.
  5. Our department also requires our students to acquire a certain level of English certificate.
  6. As mentioned above, students must pass a certain level of both Japanese and English's proficiency test. We offer certification courses to assist our students.





The Department of Applied Japanese:Renwun Building 5F


Contents of curriculum

Curriculum content of the Department is:

  1. Japanese five skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating core curriculum
  2. Japan's Liberal-related courses
  3. Labor education, workplace ethics and the spirit of service courses
  4. Special Projects, off-campus internships, seminars and other industry practices courses
  5. The cross-cutting business and travel courses


Graduation Requirements

  1. Information Proficiency
  2. English Proficiency Test
  3. Completion of any learning process credit
  4. Complete Campus internship
  5. Complete Practice topics
  6. Japanese Proficiency Test


Career Prospects

Advanced Study: Pursue further studies at domestic or foreign universities/graduate schools.
Career Options:

  1. Administrative personnel, secretary, assistant, provide translating services for trading companies,export businesses and Japanese companies.
  2. Sales, procurement, marketing, public relations, project manager in related industries.
  3. Administrative personnel, tour guide, and marketing in the tourism industry.
  4. Japanese editor, translator, and researcher for the media or publishing industry.
  5. Interpreter, sales, R&D personnel in the high-tech industry.



Contact Information

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TEL : 886+2+2257-6167 ext 2353
Fax : 886+2+2259-7422