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Master Program , Department of International Trade

Department of International Trade



Chihlee Institute of Technology was established as Chihlee College of Business in 1965. The school name and motto were adopted in accordance with the teaching of ancient Chinese philosophers and sages: integrity, professionalism and diligence. The Department of International Trade is one of the four academic departments when Chihlee started off. In August of 2000, Chihlee College of Business was renamed Chihlee Institute of Technology, and the Department started offering Bachelor degrees while still keeping its Junior College Section. Under the leadership of Professor Feng-Yu Lin, the Department currently has 30 full-time faculty members, 56 adjunct teachers, 2 staff members, and approximately 1,300 students.



As for features of the Department’s development, there are mainly five points as follows:

  1. Considering development of both localization and globalization.
  2. Emphasizing on incubation of foreign language ability and information skills.
  3. Valuing training on international business practice and commercial negotiation ability.
  4. Aiming at nurturing full-scaled international trade talents.
  5. Reinforcing consultation for students in sitting for related certification examinations, to increase theircompetitiveness in career placement.



  1. Globalization-oriented: The Department focuses on foreign language training, establishing a result-oriented language evaluation system, and providing enriched learning environments by sponsoring exchange students from our foreign sister schools.
  2.  Practical and professional training: We concentrate on trading information and domestic tradeindustry skill development with emphasis on both theory and practice. We not only help our students obtain trade-related certificates, but we do so using state-of-the-art multimedia teaching aids in conjunction with numerous company visits that help promote empirical learning.
    •  International Exhibition of Commercial Products: We host this annual exhibition to familiarizestudents with the business practice and norms of the firms that engage in international trade.
    • International Business Internship: We offer our students internship opportunities in Taiwan as well as overseas.
    • We groom our students to be professionals skilled in foreign languages, and equip them with the tools and abilities to work in either the international conventions or the exhibitions service sector.
  3.  Flexible curricula: We plan diverse professional programs, and offer a wide variety of elective courses to enable our students to accomplish their goals and broaden their horizons.



The Departmental Office is located on the 5th floor of the Multi-Purpose Teaching Building.


Course Plan 

  1. With reference to the curriculum of international trade and business programs in domestic and foreign universities, the Department has carefully discussed and established a well-organized structure consists of the three modules of trade finance, trade practice, and trade marketing, which further encompasstrade, management, marketing, finance, international banking, international business strategy, international business negotiation, special topics in international business, etc. We particularly emphasize courses like leadership, corporate culture, innovation, and enterprise spirit, in order to foster excellent managementprofessionals.
  2. Based on the principle of “quality over quantity” at the outset of its establishment, the Department will carefully construe, maintain and increase its teaching quality. It pays particular attention to foreign language ability, commercial and trade application skills, as well as internet skills of students, and it has been striving to develop exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign business, academic and government organizations, with the aim to help students learn modernized professional trade-operatingskills, who may later become high-leve l international economic and trade talents.
  3. The Department will design its curriculum pursuant to the principles of foresight and entrepreneur spirit, including in its curriculum newer management courses like entrepreneurship, innovation management, technology management, service industry management, and leadership, in order to foster 21st-centuryleaders that possess cutting-edge knowledge in their time and a modern global vision.
  4. Given that a successful business must count on leaders that pay attention to human values and work efficiency, the Department will aim to foster a graduate with a humanitarian disposition, personal educational ethic, and leadership skills, as opposed to a narrow focus on professional management knowledge alone; the Department will also proactively train entry-level managers to instill passion, vision, a sense of responsibility, a willingness to take responsibility, and an inclination towards innovation. Furthermore, we hope to build the student’s character by developing an ethos of courage under pressure, expertise in communication, attention to justice and principle, team spirit, executive ability and endurance, in order to meet the needs of modern enterprises and society in general.
  5. Curriculum design of the Department aims to foster professional international business talents. It adoptsthe concept of program design, where in addition to basic curriculum, general curriculum, college corecurriculum and department-required curriculum, students may choose any single program as the majorprogram for specialty study from another department, and may take advantage of the open elective creditsto take courses of personal interest in other departments or colleges.
  6. In addition, the Department has stipulated certain graduation requirements, such as completing one of the three modules, passing one of the recognized national certification examinations, receiving a score of at least 500 in TOEIC, etc.



  1. Champion for the 2014 MICE Destination Marketing Contest.
  2. Champion for the 2014 Simulated Trade Show Competition.
  3. Reaching a close-to-50% pass rate in 2014’s 1st national Level B Trade Professional certification exam, with 107 students passing.
  4. Champion and runner-up for the 2011 National English Presentation Competition: The A-Team(World Time Watch)& Green Life (Rays Solar Charger).


Feature Activities 

  1. The Department held its annual Simulated Trade Show between May 11 and May 13 of 2015, where 4 classes of juniors are divided into 16 teams to present, promote and sell various products authorized by companies. This 3-day trade show was actually the end of an year-long activity. A series of competitionshave been held to sharpen students’ trading skills. The event turned out a great success.
  2. The Department has been operating a proactive cross-strait trade platform. We constantly invite Taiwanese business people, scholars and experts to attend our seminars in order to share their real world experiencesand knowledge with our students.
  3. egarding industry cooperation, it is known that industrial and commercial development in the northern Taiwan area has been prosperous, where government and non-profit organizations stand in great numbers. In addition, New Taipei City has become a Yuan-controlled municipality, and an international business environment has matured. These backgrounds and economic development in society are very favorableto the Department when conducting industry cooperation and reinforcing its external relations.

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