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General Education Center

General Education Center


89 in the academic year since the College was upgraded for the restructuring of

Technology, 3rd school meeting 90 school year through the establishment of

General Education Center, the original preparation of the administrative unit, 1994

August 1 authorized to spend for a complete restructuring of primary education units.



Based on the school motto "integrity Jing Qin 'ability to nurture and eight core indicators,

the development of the holistic education center, department to" life education "as the main,

the purpose of teaching the set include:

  1. build the core of self-worth (self-appreciative system)
  2. uphold the humane care of the spirit (humanistic spirits)
  3. engaged in scientific proof of inquiry (scientific argumentations)
  4. involved in the process of social evolution (social evolution)
  5. practice sustainable ideals (sustainable management)

Accordingly the purpose of teaching, planning department of the school of general education

followed Social Constructivism (socio-constructivism) of the theoretical basis for "life education"

as the core, emphasis on self (selfs), others (the others), the environment (the environment) three

cycles. As well as observance of holistic education philosophy "Building human subjectivity to

complete human self-liberation, and with the humanities and the natural environment on the

survival of the establishment of intersubjective relations" of the claims.



Show the characteristics of planning and performance

  1. deep ethical and moral education, ethics and moral education pluralistic open-curricular activities related to the development of ethical learning process of general education courses:

    Combination of theory and practice, pluralism and moral ethics education courses open series,

    with the explicit curriculum, hidden curriculum and related servicesService promotion and

    development, "Ethics of the general education curriculum learning process."

    • The creation of the theory of moral education curriculum:
      "Professional Ethics and Business Ethics", "workplace ethics and the spirit of service", "Technology Law and Ethics" courses into the soft realForce to help students enhance the ability of self-reflection, appreciation multivariate differences.
    • creation of Moral Education Practice Course:
      Disadvantaged groups combined school and community care services, and guide students practice the core values ​​and moral education.
    • "action-oriented / problem solving" teaching planning, coordination NPO organization, the comprehensive development of theory-based and practice-based character Education programs and activities.
    • organized the "Creative Teaching Ethics Workshop", "curriculum into the teaching of ethics," and other seminars, share class business centerGains and exchange of teaching experience to assist the North Union School Vocational Schools to enhance the content of the teaching of ethics in the workplace, and shaping soft power quality employment training mechanism.
  2. General Education Reengineering:
    Combined with NPO organization, jointly set up co-teaching "happiness i care" and

    "success i Care" program recyclingIn general education as the main campus resources

    integration, with interpersonal communication, career development, stress adaptation,

    reflection introspective, ethical and moral values ​​of the five student / career ideas, and

    the use of well-known American psychologist Seligman formula proposed :

    "total happiness index = congenital acquired genetic predisposition + environmental +

    you can take the initiative to control the mental strength" breakthrough congenital quality

    restrictions, acquired environmental improvement, to develop ownership of key

    competencies happy to develop "happy i Care" and " i Care Success "

    courses and recycling, specific practices are as follows:

    • The "happy i Care" Liberal series experiential learning courses
      Features integrated university campus and friendly, service learning, character education

    and sport of deepening potential Curriculum in order to experience real work, to guide

    students to independent learning, experience joy and meaning out of life, making it the

    optimal development of physical and spiritual fitness
    Quality business professionals. Courses name and contents as follows:

Happiness Lesson 1: The true self - discovery happy dopamine

Through group activities and sharing gratitude journal, by "learning by doing" and reflection,

to help students explore the physical and mental state of self, about the importance

of good health and positive mental health, the ability to take the initiative to find happiness;

and through the accumulation of altruism Pole participation, strengthen the brain happy

reaction, the culture of the business people happy.

Happiness Lesson 2: good in the human - moral Practice and Application

For social care and activities of daily living Vulnerable practice, experience disadvantaged living;

combining life education, life fighter invite their own experiences, micro-film shoot moral education,

enhance self-energy, open-minded and socially responsible expansion.

Happiness Lesson 3: Light of Life - to challenge themselves limit
Planning summer to explore educational activities, into the team system and the concept of learning 

by doing, to encourage students to backpack into the nature, conduct Survival and physical training,

to stimulate students to capture the wisdom of the natural living environment, enhance alertness, judgment

Breaking strength, courage and endurance, foster creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork,

helps students future career character Tao Zhu and potential development.

Happiness Lesson 4: Music Services - The international volunteers and foster youth CEO
By theoretical teaching, international volunteer service sharing and service experience, knowledge and

ability training services; open summer inside and outside the service implementations, allow students to

participate in international exchanges, knowledge and ability to carry out international affairs; guide

through reflection and leadership training, nurturing students View self-worth ability to become future

business leaders.


Happiness Lesson 5: Land of Love - Understanding Wilderness Experience Nature

  1. Wilderness Society combination of social resources, the way to teach seminars, open nature

    of ecological education and service learning curriculum connotation; lead students to clean the

    mountain, clean streams, beaches and other service activities net. As experience from the real

    teamwork, strengthen education and green ringSecurity-related issues, and to reflect on guiding

    students to actively seek knowledge, critical concept Thinking man and Earth interdependent.

  2. promoting the "success i Care" Holistic Care Courses and Events

    Through the "love relationship and sex education" programs were PDP personal development planning,

    occupational groups visit and "emotional education people I relations" teaching experiment care business

    professionals round development, introducing "action-oriented / problem-solving oriented" mode Style,

    allow students through specific real heterosexual intercourse, mate clarify values, experience or personality

    differences between the sexes, then by teachers and students to discuss or exchange, learn self-protection

    and respect for each other.

  3. Physical Education Curriculum Reform physical fitness testing and counseling mechanisms:
    • According to the school, "sports curriculum and teaching direction" (white paper), school physical education students per semester for full attendance were body mass index BMI, flexibility, muscular endurance, endurance, cardiovascular endurance testing.
    • the student fitness test results combine learning portfolios e-Portfolio provides the student with the class, school students and the Ministry of Education statistical norm table.
    • the opening of the exercise prescription recommendations for the test results, and strengthen students' physical fitness.
  4. Planning pottery close to civic literacy courses and activities in the local culture
    • incorporated in the local culture, the creation of interdisciplinary knowledge integration course "Fang bridge cultural and creative economy" course, by the systematic interdisciplinary humanities, history, geography, economics and creative knowledge integration, with "stories and cultural industries." for teaching the core, strengthen the depth and breadth of the field of humanities general education,taught students to deepen cultural and historical conservation.
    • and local governments to promote arts and cultural experience activities on the ground, combined with North UGC Center Alliance schools, promote the diversification of structural and non-structural characteristics of general education curriculum certification program to enhance the breadth of general education student learning and depth.
    • apply for seminars, research lecture notes, video materials, "Fang Bridge City Heritage Park" cultural assets test exam 100 questions.
    • 2011 taught students as the new Taipei Itabashi rite culture volunteers (ceremonial and administrative reception) and other service-learning.


Course planning

School general curriculum planning life to education as the core, through teaching by example, precept,

teaching environment and teaching system, and into the spirit and methods of service-learning, students' 

experience of learning to know "," learn to be responsible for doing things "," learn to respect others.

" , "Learning Career Development", "learn to innovate and change," as well as love, respect and caring

attitude toward life, to provide students in the humanities and arts, social sciences, natural sciences and

other aspects of the liberal arts curriculum, teaching content emphasis on language skills, career planning

and foster interpersonal and communication skills, and emphasize the development of problem-solving

skills and a positive and constructive attitude in order to achieve self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem,

both lifelong learning habits, and to love life, to become a professional and general education literacy try

The Chihlee people.

Potential of both formal and informal curriculum courses School of general education into the formal

structure of the overall curriculum planning courses (formed structure curriculum) and informal structure

course (un-formed structure curriculum); curriculum structure of the former divided into basic general

education courses, including Chinese, English, military protection, sports and other four-door; core

general education curriculum, including career planning and development, etc., interpersonal and

communication a two-door; and professional development for teaching science group; three areas

elective general education curriculum is divided into humanities and arts, social sciences and natural

sciences needed capacity to nurture the planned common core group of Liberal Studies courses,

including Introduction to trade in mainland China (Business and Management Studies Group),

Law and Ethics of Science and Technology (Information Science Group), tourism resource

summary (Humanities Group) and other three. Informal learning courses such as operational activities,

campus culture and experience activities to experiential learning, service learning activities planning,

design and liberal arts context atmosphere to reach the core concept of life education.


With the ability to nurture oriented

General education curriculum maps compiled through, designed to meet the development programs

of different forms or content of general education core capabilities of multiple choices for students

and build their general education courses Information Systems, provides students with discernment,

analysis and information platform elective decision, thereby enhance students' ability to integrate


Different areas of the curriculum.

Both doctrinal and lifestyle applications

Open "Philosophy and Life", "Politics and the Life", "feng shui culture and home environment",

"Diet and Health", "life aesthetics", "modern technology and life", "Law and Life", "Book of Changes

and Life application "," Art and Life "and other courses. Professional point of view, and easy

teaching methods, provide practical life skills.


To strengthen the civic literacy in mind

For the course of promoting, to strengthen civic literacy in mind, in addition to setting the natural

sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities series of elective courses Liberal dominance,

since 96 more in the academic year, seeking spiritual transformation set "internal energy

Geng Heart Academy "lecture series Hidden Curriculum (hidden curriculum). With "action-oriented

/ problem solving" teaching plan to help students to appreciate and understand the meaning

of life and the value of life, "why was born," and through teaching planning services and

experiential learning, improve student civic literacy.


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